Mental Health

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CNE is dedicated to the success of each of our students, whether it be in their academics, extracurriculars, or their personal lives. In order to ensure the well-being of our students, CNE prioritizes mental health awareness and support on all levels, so that every student is able to participate in their classes, extracurriculars, and lives in general to the best of their ability. 

“Mental health is a priority, as it often can be a barrier to personal, social, and academic success,” states Amy Comisar, CNE High School Counselor. “Education is a unique industry because our products are people, and so providing support to address any barriers to their overall well-being is paramount. Many in the population that we serve have experienced things that may impact their ability to perform in their academics and relationships at school.”

Jessica Cummins, Mental Health Therapist at the High and Middle Schools, adds, “Having the education, support, and intervention/tools to take care of one’s mental health can present the opportunity to thrive and be successful! It is also important for staff so they have a well-rounded approach and ability to better connect and work with students based on their individual needs.” 

By prioritizing mental health, CNE is supporting the development of each of our students’ brains under every unique circumstance. Mental health awareness includes learning how to identify feelings and stressors, emotionally regulate, and communicate. 

“Kids cannot learn if their brains are not integrated,” says Kim Kirk, Mental Health Therapist at CNE Elementary. “When children experience trauma or are having difficulty regulating emotions, their brains are easily disintegrated, which means the top portion of their brain – the cerebral cortex-ration/problem-solving part of the brain, where we learn – is disconnected from the rest of our brain. Prioritizing mental health means helping students learn how their brain works.”

Learn more about what CNE is doing in our schools to support mental health within our district, as well as to access contacts for our mental health services, here.