Mental Health Supports

In February, Middle and High School students will attend “SOS Training,” or Signs of Suicide, which is a suicide prevention program that educates 7-12 graders on the warning signs and risks of suicide and suicidal behaviors, as well as how to handle these situations. During this presentation, students will: 

  • Watch an educational video and participate in guided discussion about depression, suicide, and what to do if they are worried about a friend

  • Complete a depression screening that indicates whether they have symptoms that may be consistent with depression

  • Complete a response slip noting whether they would like to speak to an adult following the presentation

  • Have staff follow-up with students as needed and notify parents/guardians of any follow-up conversations

Some students may benefit from further assessment from a mental health professional. School staff will provide families with resources and referral information. This information will be presented to Middle School students on February 16 and High School students on February 21. 

Outside of this training presentation, all CNE Schools are putting forth intensive efforts to increase mental health awareness and meet needs. 

“CNE has integrated mental health staff into the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools to increase mental health awareness, meet the mental health needs of students, and increase trauma-informed practices within the educational environment,” states Jackie Pridemore, Mental Health Therapist at the Middle and Elementary Schools. “At the Elementary, focus is heavy on prevention through classroom social emotional learning lessons and participation in Tier 1, 2, and 3 supports. At the Middle School, focus is heavily on individual treatment to increase academic performance in the school.” 

Mental health education and support are also important for our CNE staff so that they know how to better assist our students on a daily basis, as well as supporting the staff’s own emotional needs. 

“For this school year, our focus has been providing the Mental Health Minute to staff so we can continue promoting awareness and education about what a child’s brain needs in order to be ready to learn,” Ms. Kirk adds. 

Our mental health professionals are currently developing curriculum and guidelines so that training and professional development opportunities can be administered to staff. The team is also working on ways to reach the needs of more students and families within our community. 

CNE would like to extend all of our gratitude to our dedicated mental health therapists, who are working tirelessly to educate not only our students, but our families, staff, and community. 

“We are very fortunate to have an incredible team leading the work around mental health,” says TJ Dorsey, Interim Superintendent. “They continually go above and beyond to care for the kids in the district.”

If you have any questions regarding mental health awareness at your school, please contact or visit these individuals below: 

  • Amy Comisar, HS Guidance Department, 

  • Jessi Cummins, HS/MS Mental Health Therapist, 

  • Jackie Pridemore, MS/ES Mental Health Therapist, 

  • Kim Kirt, ES Mental Health Therapist,