Students have been busy learning at CNE Preschool! During the first quarter, students have been introduced to the PBIS program, or Positive Behavior Intervention Support, a system used to make data-informed decisions about how to target student behavior – what encourages and nurtures positive behavior, what causes disruptions in students’ learning, as well as analyzing other positive and negative reinforcements. Preschool students are working on the expectation for listening rules: eyes watching, ears listening, voices quiet, and bodies calm. Each classroom has their own incentive or classroom reward to encourage these expectations. 

Academically, Preschool students have finished the first social skills curriculum which covers: 

  1. Welcoming

  2. Listening

  3. Focus + attention

  4. Self-Talk

  5. Following directions

  6. Asking for what you need + want

Students are also covering specific shapes, such as diamonds, squares, and circles; and colors, like purple, yellow, and orange. Additionally, students learned their school routines, self-help skills, learned and sang the alphabet, and worked on making friends. Kim Smithers, from the Clermont County Library, visited classrooms and provided an activity focusing on Fall and Halloween; she also read The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything, written by Linda Williams. 

The Preschool also welcomes new staff member Mrs. Kala Hauter to the team as a Speech and Language Pathologist, who will be working at the school Monday through Wednesday. 

Finally, the Preschool is excited to be included with the Elementary PTO for the first time! This will allow students to participate in activities planned throughout the school year. This does require monthly meetings, and the Preschool is looking for parents interested and able to represent the Preschool at these meetings.