This school year, CNE Elementary has been learning about Character Strengths, and incorporating these strengths into our regular school days. The Special Area staff has been focusing their lessons the last week of each month on the character strength of the month; the students enjoy seeing the connection between each strength and how to use it in multiple ways. For example, a recent character strength our students have been focusing on is perseverance. 

We wanted to share some of the ways our teachers have been creating these connections for our students. Read below to see the creativity of our teachers. 

  • In Physical Education, Mrs. McCrary posts the character traits and their definitions on the walls and relates those traits within her P.E. lessons and sports. 

  • In Art, Mrs. Fender plays “See, Think, Wonder,” with famous pieces of art that correspond to the trait. Students ask: What do you see? What do you think is happening? What do you wonder about the artwork? When time allows, students are invited to create a conversation to the artwork, using post-it notes to add speech and thought bubbles to the art to show a deeper understanding. 

  • In Music, Mr. Baker relates the character strength to made-up but realistic scenarios and asks students to identify how the scenario’s character is showcasing that trait and how it is beneficial. Mr. Baker also makes it a point to acknowledge when he sees students using the character strengths, and encourages others to do the same. 

  • In the Library, Mrs. Fetter chooses a book to read to students that centers on the week’s character strength. She will then set out the book at the office, and students are also able to check it out from the Owensville Library. 

  • In Technology, Mrs. Bronner reads books to her students and also shows them video clips that teach the strength of the month. For example, when students were talking about perseverance, students were able to relate to the trait as they persevered in their efforts to in coding their Ozobots. Students also receive “Teachermon Cards” students earn when they are spotted exhibiting a strength. 

As we move into the next school year, CNE Elementary is looking forward to expanding on character strengths that will help students cope during their daily lives.