Dear Clermont Northeastern Community,

Our COVID-19 numbers are still on the rise. Over the last week we have seen a substantial increase in students testing positive in the district.  Help us remain open for in person learning. Please consider masking as we want to continue to have our students enjoy typical experiences like an in-person school day athletics, band, and clubs. At this time we have approximately 15 staff members on COVID-19 protocols and over 200 students in quarantine. We are now STRONGLY recommending wearing masks at school. Masking up is an effort to reduce the number of people having to spend time in quarantine and/or test positive. Please remember to take daily checks before coming to work. Families please use caution and stay home if any member of your household currently has symptoms, awaiting results, or has tested positive. We are seeing many families sending students to school when symptomatic family members are in the home. Please use the checklist below for symptoms. Remember to PLAN AHEAD! While we work to keep in person learning open it is important to plan ahead for childcare coverage if the need arises and we are unable to safely have in-person learning.  If the current trends continue, remote education will have to become an option that the district must look at.