Social Media

On December 8, CNE hosted a presentation from A Wired Family, an organization that dedicates itself to educating students and families on the “digital tattoo” caused by social media. Founder of A Wired Family, Stephen Smith, presented “Social Media: Your Digital Tattoo” to Middle and High School students about social media responsibilities, as well as the pitfalls of using social media. 

The presentation covered a variety of topics, including: 

  • A review of current apps and the business model that is employed to keep teens/tweens addicted to their use. Apps discussed include TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, BeReal, Twitter, Netflix, Fortnite, VSCO, and more

  • Ways to reduce screen-time 

  • The consequences that may occur from every post, image, text, comment, or direct message produced. These consequences may include lost scholarships or job opportunities – and even imprisonment!

  • How privacy is impacted by any digital device that is used on a private or public network; public Wi-Fi might allow easy access into accounts and may track online actions to be used by marketing companies and predators

  • How to mitigate risk from internet predators

  • How mental health can be impacted by the uses of social media and video games through words and actions; addresses cyber-bullying, how dopamine from “social media over-use” impacts the brain, and how the resulting increase in depression and anxiety caused by social media over-use is impacting suicide and suicide ideation

Responsible use of social media can of course provide an enhancement to our lives. Many use it to keep in touch with family and friends; and social media can be a great place to learn about happenings and events from our favorite businesses and organizations. Our CNE Schools often use social channels to share details on sports, academics, parent communication, PBIS, and general information. For us, social media is a great tool to allow parents, families, and the community a sneak peek into the great things our students, teachers, and administrators are doing to make CNE Schools a phenomenal learning experience. 

But when people – children or adults – become reliant on or addicted to social media, or forget that social posts are “curated” and not real-life, this can become a real problem. 

“Social Media is constantly at our students’ fingertips,” says Laura Nazzarine, Middle School Principal. “It’s easy to hide behind a phone, and I don’t think most students knew that once on the internet, always on the internet. Through Mr. Smith’s presentation, they now have a better understanding of the law and the impact of their choices.” 

CNE also offered a Family Engagement event specific to families on the impacts of social media. If you would like to view the presentation, click here and input the password CNE2022# (case sensitive).