The goal of CNE Middle School is to provide students with their best three years of education in our building. The Middle School is committed to cultivating a high-level educational experience that allows students the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow as students, individuals, friends, family members, and future community members. In order to achieve this, the MS focuses on Multi-Systems of Support, using seven strategic priority insights. 

“The MS talks a lot about Multi-Systems of Support,” explains Principal Laura Nazzarine. “The staff is committed to using these strategies to grow and nurture our CNE MS Rockets. These qualities are more important now than ever!” 

The strategies outlined in the Multi-Systems of Support include data analysis, establishing benchmarks, targeted direct instruction, program implementation with fidelity, teaching bell to bell, professional collaboration and support, and building relationships with students and families. 

At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, students attended a Ways and Means Assembly, where staff discussed the aspects of being a better human being and knowing one’s worth. Students learned the PBIS incentives for the Mid-Quarter Correction Fieldtrip, End of Quarter Rewards, PBIS Store, Positive Office Referrals, Wheel of Cheer, and Rocket Room. The Middle School has found great success in using these incentives to date. 

In addition, the Middle School implements a majority of the seven common strategic priorities: 

  • High-quality, tiered instruction

  • Whole-child supports

  • Exceptional workforce

  • Robust family engagement

  • Expanded early childhood learning (not a CNE MS focus)

  • Graduates prepared for life, college, career

  • Organizational excellence and efficiency

The Middle School aims to continue taking a deep dive into these seven strategic priority insights through Building Leadership Team meetings, Teacher based Team meetings, and professional communication weekly newsletters. 

“I believe that this information and new learning will reinforce the great work that the CNE MS staff strives for in professionalism, new learning, and love for our kids,” adds Principal Nazzarine.