Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year

CNE Community and Families

Each year I write this letter knowing it brings forth mixed emotions for our parents and other family members.  It ushers in the stress that accompanies the start of the school year and for some the relief of getting back to a normal schedule.  So while some of you are sad, as your exclusive time with your children draws to a close, I know others are breathing a sigh of relief as the kids will be rejoining their fellow students in starting another exciting school year.

The past two and half years have challenged who we are as a society, a community, and as a district.  I believe the relationship between CNE an our community is truly a great relationship.  I am hopeful that we have emerged stronger than before, as great relationships can use trying times to forge even stronger bonds.

Annually, in this letter I share what our district focus for the year will be.  By design, our district’s direction, focus and priorities are always student-focused and guided by our Board of Education goals.  Our mission is to maximize learning for each and every one of our students, which is why our goals include:

  • Supporting every student in meeting or exceeding grade-level standards in math and literacy.

  • Creating safe and positive learning environments where students, families, staff and community feel connected, respected and included

  • Engaging all stakeholders as partners by providing a welcoming learning community for all students, staff, and families

  • Continuing fiscal stability 

We are amazingly fortunate as a district to serve this community.  Our success is your success - but your success also leads to our success.  We are a reflection of you in many ways.

Thank you, and let’s make it a great year.

Michael Brandt