Fitness Board Games

On Tuesday, May 3, and Thursday, May 6, 40 CNE High School students enrolled in Weight Training classes made a trip to the CNE Elementary School during the 5th grade Physical Education classes! Students brought over their own specially designed fitness board games to play with the elementary students. This project encouraged our high school students to think outside the box about fun ways to encourage movement, and showed our elementary students that movement is fun! 

CNE believes we can all learn from one another, no matter our age brackets. Allowing our high school students the opportunity to work with younger students within their own projects, and allowing our younger students the opportunity to meet an influencer or inspiration in their lives, allows both ages to progress forward within our halls. Both PE teachers have already agreed this project went so well it is now in the calendars as an annual event! 

Next week, students enrolled in Advanced Physical Education classes will be facilitating a Field Day for all of the students at the Elementary School. Keep an eye out for photos!