Emergency Planning Guide

Clermont Northeastern Schools strives to provide a safe and secure learning environment; student & staff safety is our first priority. Our entire administrative team collaboratively plans ahead to prepare for any potential school emergency, and our staff practices emergency scenarios to improve outcomes in the event of an emergency. 

Much of our safety planning involves research around preventative measures, things that help ensure our students and staff stay safe. We believe it is better to put strategies in place that reduce the opportunity for events to unfold, rather than just engaging in reactionary behaviors. Every emergency situation is unique, and in return, so is our response. The information in our Emergency Planning Guide for Families is a general overview of our potential course of action for various scenarios. This Guide is intended to provide a better understanding of how we may respond in the event of a crisis or emergency. This information is not prescriptive and can change based on the intel received during an emergency or a crisis. 

We encourage you to take the time to read and understand the role and expectations of families in the reunification process. By reading the Emergency Planning Guide, you can begin conversations with students about pre-planning in case of an emergency. 

Read the Emergency Planning Guide for All Families here