The CNE Middle School music students are excited to receive a new piano and new choir risers! After years of working with old and out-of-date equipment, the students are enjoying the new advantages of having an accessible keyboard and look forward to using their new, safe choir risers, which will arrive soon. 

The music students have been using an acoustic piano for years, which has proven cumbersome to move back and forth when it’s concert season, and technically needs to be tuned regularly, especially after any moves or weather changes. Now, the students are privy to an electronic keyboard, which is easy to transport and never needs to be tuned!

“The students are probably enjoying the new keyboard a bit too much,” laughs teacher Ms. Katie Blasing. “The keyboard has the ability to actually record what’s being played on it, so I can record the part I’d like played, and then step away from the piano to sing with the kids and interact with them more. It is so freeing as a teacher.” 

The choir risers will be arriving in the next couple months. They are desperately needed as the current risers are not in good condition. 

“Having new, stable risers is going to be huge,” says Ms. Blasing. “Then we’ll be all set up!”