Mental Wellness Tip

Here at CNE, we want to emphasize the importance of our mental health and wellness as much as possible. That is why our bi-weekly newsletter, District Download, will now be featuring Mental Wellness Tips from Harness Health Partners, a company that creates programs and services to help ensure individuals’ physical and mental health. 

November Tip:

Be proud of all that you’ve accomplished. Sometimes we focus too much on what we’re missing or don't have and forget about all the things we’ve achieved. Take the time to go reward yourself for working hard to reach your goals and feeling confident in knowing that you are worth it! 

One source of pressure and stress  for students and families is studying and preparing for an upcoming test, which can lead to unnecessary anxiety. Helping your child create a timeline, study schedule, and implementing a positive thinking approach can help improve your child’s mood and, ultimately, their test score. StudentLife Services can provide families with additional assistance or resources to help create a stress-free mind. These services are FREE and confidential. Connect with us by visiting (code: rockets) or text ‘Hello’ to 61295.