What's Your CNE?

The High School is dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for whatever direction they choose to pursue upon graduating. With so many different pathway options, we know it can be easy for students to become overwhelmed when thinking about their future. That’s why we focus on What’s Your CNE? as soon as our students walk through the high school doors. 

What’s Your CNE? Is a way for our high school staff to help students consider potential options for their future. What’s Your CNE? Can be broken down into: What’s Your Career, Next School, Enlistment? We encourage students to start thinking about crucial questions, such as: 

  • Do you have a plan for after high school? 

  • What career field(s) are you interested in? 

  • Are you planning on going to college? 

  • What about joining the military?

Students are split into CNE groups on most Fridays to complete various activities tailored to each grade level. Together, our staff and student groups work together to help build each student an individual plan to be successful at CNE and after they graduate. These plans are not set in stone: we understand that plans change! We ensure the plans we help our students create are flexible and suit our students’ wants and needs. 

Each grade level focuses on a different aspect: Identification, Exploration, Development, and Application. 

Ninth grade students focus on Identification: identifying personal interests and careers that appeal to those interests. Students learn more about their workplace preferences, diploma requirements, and identify what high school classes relate to their interests and career preferences. 

Tenth grade students focus on Exploration: students will begin to explore the interests identified in ninth grade and narrow down those interests. They will explore career clusters and identify career interests that are most realistic and attainable, as well as “big” career goals. They will then identify what would have to take place to reach each goal. 

Eleventh grade students focus on Development: juniors develop a main plan and two backup plans. They will establish a realistic five-year plan for life outside of CNE High School. They will create a detailed step-by-step action plan with dates, specific companies/universities, etc.

Twelfth grade students focus on Application: seniors put everything completed in the past three years into action! Students begin to job shadow, interview, apply for schools/jobs, budget, create cover letters, and more. 

CNE High School believes this comprehensive plan for each grade level will help students be prepared for LIFE - wherever it may take them.