For the district to better communicate with the community. We have added a frequently asked questions section to our COVID-19 information page. This page will be constantly updated as new questions arise and we receive updated information. Click the image below to read more of the FAQ.


The website now has a permanent tab at the top where families can go for Covid-19 information after the pop-up on all of the school pages. Please see the highlighted section of the image below.

covid information

Currently Mercy Health is asking all families and patients Call ahead and make an appointment (513-981-4170) instead of just walking-in. They need our help to control the number of COVID symptomatic patients just walking into our clinic at this time.  Mercy Health staff is spending large amounts of time with the COVID testing process especially to test asymptomatic patients.  We would like to reduce the chances of someone visiting Mercy for a non-COVID issue being exposed to someone who is symptomatic or asymptomatic for COVID.

  • Any patient with flu-like or COVID symptoms should NOT walk-in to the clinic to schedule an appointment, nor should symptomatic students be sent over.  Any symptomatic patient can contact Mercy Health School Based Health during the hours of 7:00a-4:30p Monday through Friday. Call ahead 513-981-4170

  • Due to the increased volume, and the amount of time it takes to on/off appropriate PPE for testing, we are asking all asymptomatic COVID patients to be referred to the testing locations listed on the attachment (web link pasted below).  This would include patients  requiring a negative test to return to work or school, or who are simply seeking testing due to a known exposure.  Some of these locations are providing same day, or immediate results, which could prove a bit more expeditious for them.  This will ultimately aid in proper utilization of our resources, specifically of staff time and ability to care for those patients who need access to acute or follow up care.    

The district Download Podcast is back! Our first 3 episodes are now live and can be streamed from any podcast platform. Please check them out. There are great updates from building administrators.  Please click on the image below to listen now.

District Download

The district would like to take a moment to thank the students, staff, and community members for being patient and flexible during this stressful time. There are many challenges we are facing trying to keep school open and safe. While we will continue to learn and grow from these challenges we appreciate the support and encouragement we are receiving during this time. Please understand we are working to improve the process each week to better serve the community.