Staff Member of the Month

Rocket Way Staff Member of the Month

Everyday our hardworking staff put our students and families first to make a difference. We want to make sure we celebrate the sacrifices and determination of  some of the hardworking staff of Clermont Northeastern. This month we would like to congratulate  the following staff members from across the district. 


Clara Ryan: Clara took on the big challenge of moving from her gen ed classroom to teacher of the new SOCOMM Unit. She has had a very positive attitude about the change and her new role and is working hard to connect with her families and students.


Carrie Carlier: She has been amazing in onboarding our veteran and new staff members with many of the programs we use at the middle school. SIPPS, Rewards, iReady, ETC.


Brittany Vining: 

Brittany has taken on the work of Student Senate Advisor and planning the Homecoming activities