District Math Plan

CNE is always looking to improve for the betterment of our students in all areas: academics, extracurriculars, and more. In an effort to enhance our students’ education, our district staff and teachers analyzed potential areas of growth within the district. One of these areas is within our math curriculum, which has led to the creation of a District Math Plan aimed to close identified gaps in students’ mathematical skills. 

COVID-19 impacted all students’ education in a variety of ways, and while many of these areas have returned to their pre-pandemic scores and success, students have not been advancing to the next grade level math class at a successful rate. With so much depending on students’ mathematical proficiency, it became a district-wide decision that these gaps in our students’ mathematical abilities needed to be addressed. 

A core team was created that includes teacher representatives from each building as well as Middle and Elementary Math Coaches. The team is also utilizing input from school psychologists for data interpretation, our State Support Team partner for help with timelines and an additional outside perspective, and CNE Literacy Instructional Coach Bernadette Wayne to act as a liaison between the team and administrators. 

To begin the process, the team closely examined the current curriculum and expectations set within the district in terms of what is and isn’t working, and started discussing where changes must be made, as well as what other options should be discussed as additional possibilities in need of further exploration. Currently, the team has constructed a district Vision and Mission Statement and is drafting the District Math Plan. 

“The work the team has been doing has begun to shape the way they will soon examine the top curricula options available so they know which ones will best help our district accomplish its goals,” states Ms. Wayne. “More importantly, they are building a blueprint for the best necessary structures, expectations, and culture that will be necessary in order to support whatever curriculum they ultimately choose.” 

CNE is dedicated to enhancing all our students’ education, and is excited to see the enhancements that will be made by utilizing this new District Math Plan.