Attention Families: Student Assistance Program

Clermont Northeastern Schools is excited to announce we’ve partnered with Harness Health Partners to bring you a Student Assistance Program for School/Life Services, a new benefit to support and empower our students and their families. Clermont Northeastern wants to continue to support our families during this time of so much uncertainty. While we work on plans to return for the fall please take time to check out the resources and supports offered by Harness Health partners.

The resources and supports go live effective July 1, 2020, Harness Health Partners SAP and School/Life Services is available to provide:

  • Immediate 24/7/365 access to caring professionals: 1-855-695-2817
  • Confidential assistance with personal concerns
  • A wide range of school/work/life services at no cost to you and your dependents

Visit (password: rockets) to learn more about the program. Don’t forget to share the information with your family members. The services include college and career services, counseling sessions, help dealing with stress and anxiety, computerized cognitive behavioral therapy, financial counseling and financial aid support, summer camps, substance abuse prevention and counseling, and so much more. All available at no cost to you and your family. You also have online access to obtain educational information, useful links, counselors, and training.

Privacy is strictly protected within legal limits. Information about your contact with the Student Assistance Program and Work/Life Services will not be released without your prior consent except in cases of imminent threat of harm, or when abuse of a child or vulnerable adult may be occurring.

For students under the age of 16 consent must be provided by the parents. Consent is obtained verbally from the parents when calling in to access services. When the student attends in person sessions with a provider the written consent is obtained by that provider's office. If the student chooses to video or telephonic sessions, each provider will obtain electronic consent through their portals.

You may not need assistance now, but if you or a family member needs help in the future, Harness Health Partners SAP and Student Assistant Services is always there. If you have any questions about this new service, contact Travis Dorsey or call 513-625-1211 ext 329