Plan Ahead

Our campus will have approximately 1000 students on campus each day practicing prevention requirements( mask wearing, hand washing, sanitizing  and social distancing ) while learning.

All staff members will be working to follow the guidelines set forth by  Governor Dewine and the Ohio department of Health. The health and safety of our staff is as much a priority as the health and safety of our students.

There is approximately 50% less substitute teachers available for the entire southwest Ohio area. The entire state will be short on sub coverage this year including (kitchen staff, teachers, and custodians.

Please plan ahead, school closures may happen this year due to a variety of reasons; due to illness, due to the lack of healthy staff, and/or at the recommendation of the local health department may require the closure of school.

Please work to have backup plans for childcare or have conversations with your employer to plan ahead. We need to continue to work together to make sure our #RocketsRockOn