Thank you to everyone who filled out “The Return to School Survey”. We had a tremendous response and we truly appreciate everyone’s feedback. The majority of the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of the District developing a plan to have students return, full-time, in the Fall. We also understand there may be some families who have underlying medical conditions or are uncomfortable having their child return in-person during the pandemic. Rest assured that there will be a full-time online option available next school year for those desiring it.  

It is clear that our main priority is to have everyone who is able in-person come this fall. I will be working with the administrators, the Board of Education, and the Department of Health to develop a “Return to School Plan” that meets the needs of our students.  We will be communicating our plans to families in the next few weeks once we receive final guidance from the Governor, the Department of Health. and the Department of Education. 

In order to be fully prepared for the return to school our community desires, the district needs to extend the summer break by 2 days. This will move our official start date back to August 24, 2020. The additional time will allow for teachers to receive training on blended learning, safety protocols, and prepare to meet the ever-changing needs of our students. 

First Day of School for Students: August 24, 2020

Michael Brandt