LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS: By order of the Clermont Northeastern School District: For the
RESURFACING PROJECT, located at 5347 Hutchinson Road, Batavia, Ohio 45103. Sealed
PLAYGROUND LOOSE-FILL RESURFACING PROJECT” shall be received at the Clermont
Northeastern School District Board Office, 2792 U.S. 50, Batavia, OH 45103, UNTIL 2:00 P.M.
LOCAL TIME THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2019, furnishing all materials, equipment and labor
necessary to perform all work in accordance with the drawings and as set forth in the
specifications prepared by Elevar Design Group, 555 Carr Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203. Bids
shall be publicly opened and read aloud immediately after closing time for said bids. Proposals
must be made on blank forms, placed in sealed envelopes and plainly marked on the outside
with the project to which they apply. Each proposal must contain the name of every person
interested herein and be accompanied by a guaranty of some disinterested person or a bid
guaranty bond in a sum equal to ten percent (10%), or alternative forms, as provided in Section
153.54 Ohio Revised Code, of the amount of the proposal, that if same is accepted a contract
will be promptly entered into and the performance of same properly secured. Successful
bidder/s shall be required to furnish bonds in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the
contract/s for both performance and payment for labor and materials. Plans, specifications, and
estimated costs for the project may be obtained from the office of Key Blue Prints, Inc., 411
Elliott Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215, (513) 821-2111. They may be viewed on the Plan Room
at at no charge. Bidders may purchase copies of the Contract
Documents at a non-refundable cost per set to be paid directly to Key Blue Prints upon
purchase. The Clermont Northeastern School District reserves the right to waive informalities,
and reject any, or part of any, or all of said proposals, and to award the contract based on its
determination of the lowest responsible bid. This notice is posted on the Clermont Northeastern
School District web site at: