Earlier in the week we shared that we would be holding a “Virtual Graduation Ceremony” to honor the Class of 2020.  Our plan is to stream the ceremony on Friday, May 22nd at 7:00p.  As part of the ceremony we plan to display a slide for each graduating senior. 

Each slide will contain:

  • A picture of each Senior
  • A special message from parents to their graduate
  • Plans for after high school
  • Any special awards or recognitions

A copy of the slide can be found at https://5il.co/focb There is an example slide and then one each family can complete.  Please enter your graduate’s information, save it, and email it to glassmeyer_t@cneschools.org by May 11th.  If you are unable to fill it out please email the information above to glassmeyer_t@cneschools.org and we will fill it in for you.

As part of the Virtual Graduation Ceremony we will be displaying the pictures that were submitted that show each senior through their school career.  There is still time to upload photos if you have not done so already at https://forms.gle/rqRLdGSzirjK9upe7  Please upload your photos by May 11th