Seniors:  SCHOLARSHIP MATERIALS UPDATE: To comply with the governor's stay at home order, we have been in touch with scholarship organizations about deadlines. Scholarship materials deadline will now be 4/13, Please continue to check your email and CNE website for any updates. Email Mrs. Mummert with any questions.

Oaks Applicants: If you received a Credit Recovery Plan (in the mail to your home)  before the break from Live Oaks or Scarlet Oaks and have not returned your plan, please access this link to communicate to the Oaks what your credit recovery plan will be. You can also access this link if you mailed your plan to the Oaks shortly before the break and want to make sure they get the information. Link to Online Credit Recovery Plan Email Mrs. Comisar if you have questions about this:

CCP Applicants: If you are a first time CCP applicant who registered for the April 4 ACT, that test has been cancelled.  UC Clermont advises that you register for the June 13 ACT if you needed the April test for your application. UC Clermont changed the test score deadline to June 30.