As the school year inches closer to its end, remember Clermont Northeastern Schools offers support for all families. We continue our partnership with Harness Health Partners and Mercy Health. 

Harness Health Partners provides the district a Student Assistance Program designed to help students and families with student life. Our program allows families to get support in a variety of ways.

You can call 855-695-2817 anytime to talk with a counselor. They can help you in real time over the phone, and connect you into other resources and services we offer – such as counseling services!

You can also go online to and use password “rockets” to log in to access helping information such as articles, webinars, and even calculators.

Finally, you can text “hello” to 61295 to be connected to a counselor. However, this should not be used for emergency use. Families are also able to utilize 6 in person visits with mental health counselors for their student per issue per year.

To learn more listen to the podcast below!

Families can also download the App

Apple here:

Android here:

For students under the age of 16 consent must be provided by the parents. Consent is obtained verbally from the parents when calling in to access services.  When the student attends in person sessions with a provider the written consent is obtained by that providers office.  If the student chooses to video or telephonic sessions, each provider will obtain electronic consent through their portals.

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