New Scholarships

AT&T Veterans Scholarship: Deadline 4/14/2019

Clermont County Counselors Assoc. Scholarship: Deadline 4/12/2019 

Local Scholarship packet common application: Deadline 3/20/2019

Local Scholarship packet separate applications: Deadline 3/20/2019

Cincinnati Christian University Esports Scholarship

Paul Mitchell Beauty Industry Scholarship 

Students of Integrity Scholarship Deadline 6/7/2019

SOAR Scholarship Deadline 2/28/2019

Clermont Mercy Hospital Guild, Inc. Deadline 3/29/2019. Students who will be attending college in a healthcare related field. 

Clermont Hospital Physicians' Scholarship application. Deadline 3/5/2019. Students who will be attending college in a healthcare related field. 

Ohio Gas Assoc. Scholarship Foundation: Deadline 3/15/2019

Assoc. of the US Army 2019 Scholarship: Deadline 4/1/2019

Grand Lodge & 6th Masonic District Scholarship: Deadline 3/1/2019, applications were emailed to seniors and are available in the guidance office. 

Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program: Deadline 3/1/2019 

Ohio-Michigan Assoc. of Career Colleges and Schools: Deadline 4/12/2019

Donald Jeffers Scholarship Deadline: 2/14/2019

William D. Squires Educational Foundation, Inc: Deadline 4/5/2019

Student Scholarships

Scholarship resource

Eastern Hills Rod Gun & Conservation Club Scholarship $1,000 annually renewable scholarship to a Clermont County student pursuing a degree in conservation, forestry, wildlife mgmt. or animal husbandry. Deadline: 5/31/2019

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