Welcome to the Library!

The Clermont Northeastern High School Library is a facility offering books, periodicals and many additional items including videos, DVDs and computer work stations. Almost all items can be checked out by students. Some, however, may be on reserve or circulate overnight only.

Books are checked out for a period of two weeks and are renewable if there are no requests for that particular work. Most books on the shelves are nonfiction and are used for research purposes. Reference books are primarily for in library use but can be checked out for a period. Magazines are available for leisure reading and are located on shelves in the library. Older issues are stored and may be checked out overnight. The circulation desk handles all check outs and returns. Students with overdue materials must clear their record before borrowing again.

Lost or damaged materials must be paid for at the replacement price.

Students who have their Internet access form signed by parent/ guardian are permitted to use the computers providing they abide by the school rules. All library visitors are asked to be considerate of others' need for a quiet place to study, read and research.

As part of the Clermont Northeastern High School English Department requirements, there is required summer reading. These books are available in the library in the Spring or for review in the Fall.