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Clermont Northeastern Summer Institute 2017
The Clermont Northeastern Local School District sponsored, “The Summer Institute”, held June 5-8, 2017. The Institute was the kick off for a continuous professional development for all teachers to learn strategies to better prepare students for their future. This was a voluntary program to kick off the deeper learning professional development during the upcoming 2017-18 school year with overwhelming attendance from the teachers. Over 60% of teachers took part in the Summer Institute. Clermont Northeastern was awarded a Martha Holden-Jennings grant of $19,500 in order to fund the Summer Institute. Curriculum Engineers, Inc., located in Batavia, Ohio, designed the Summer Institute based upon the district’s need for school improvement. The Summer Institute's theme was Deeper Learning based upon Eric Jensen's book Deeper Learning. The sessions focused on using deeper learning strategies to develop students' ability to become better thinkers in order to provide them with the tools to be successful in today's global economy. The Summer Institute sessions included:

  • Using Models to Teach Writing
  • Thinking Throughout the Day: Comprehension Across the Curriculum
  • Google Classroom
  • Questions, Questioning and Orchestrated Dialogue in the Classroom
  • Incorporating Reading and Writing into Mathematics
  • Using Literacy to Support Learning in Content Areas
  • Thinking and Reflection: The Readers Superpower
  • Teaching Gifted Students in Today’s Classroom
  • ELA strategies for Gifted Students
  • Math Mindset
  • Using Games in Math
  • Formative Assessments and Student Engagement in the Classroom
Deeper Learning professional development will continue throughout the 2017-18 school year for teachers. K-12 teachers will participate in a district-wide book study during month TBT meetings in order to build a common understanding about what deeper learning means.

Mr. Michael Brandt, Superintendent, stated, “CNE conducted it’s first Summer Institute for instructional improvement. I feel it was a huge success. Over 60% of the entire K-12 staff volunteered for the various course offerings and book studies. The entire effort focused on improving teacher capacity for best practices for instruction and assessment techniques. The goal of higher achievement scores for all CNE students is becoming a reality.”

  • "I had a great time and learned so much!" Emma Keough, 2nd grade teacher
  • "I am so excited to take what I learned and use it my classroom"...Alissa Krieglstein, 4th grade teacher
  • "It was full of wonderful presenters and great information. I am eager to start the school year with so many new and engaging strategies for my students to utilize." Tiffany Desgrange, High School English teacher
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