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Superintendent’s Message 2018-19

Superintendent Reflection on Clermont Northeastern Progression of Transformation:

CNE School District has struggled to make progress on the Ohio State Report Card.  It is evident that systemic change needs to happen in order to prepare our kids for enrolling in a college, enlisting in the Armed Forces or full time employment.  This work is critical and all staff members feel a sense of urgency.  Administrators were asked to assess their school performance, instructional materials, PBIS programming and absenteeism.  What they found was a need for research-based curriculum, systematic progress monitoring to establish a baseline and the need to set goals for improvement.  The board of education then approved the purchase of AIMSweb (K-8) and MAP (K-10).  New research-based curriculum has been purchased and disseminated for all grade levels.  In addition to those purchases, 1:1 technology has been implemented district-wide.  All of these tools make it so teachers are able to look at individual student deficit and begin to plan instruction based on the specific needs of the student.

As of 2017-18 these resources have been rolled out and used in a variety of ways in our buildings.  At the elementary, the staff has implemented K-5 Skills Groups.  Elementary staff was also trained in Orton Gillingham at the Summer Institute and are currently serving their skills groups using that research-based instruction.  This will directly impact on performance on the Ohio Report Card K-3 Literacy.  Middle school has implemented Instructional Strategies 6-8.  This is a targeted intervention block based on skill deficit using research-based curriculum.  PBIS has also been transformative for the middle school.  They have changed the culture so that students are advocating for their own learning.  These two initiatives will dramatically impact the Ohio Report Card, especially their Performance Index.  The high school continues their work on graduating students who are ready to employ, enlist or enroll in college.  To support this, they have focused on their Climate Survey results to impact their culture of learning.

Some of the biggest changes implemented in Clermont Northeastern have been to personnel and leadership approaches.  District and building leadership teams have been challenged to learn their staffs, learn their students/community, change the culture so that instructional learning comes first and foster a professional mission around student achievement.  Though this is a large list of challenges, the district has supported this through a framework that creates systemic communication between Teacher Based Teams, Building Leadership Teams and the District Leadership Team.  In the spirit of total transparency, systems changes take time and methodical work at every level.  This past year, our new personnel have focused on creating their teams to be able to address these first challenges (learning staff, learning kids, creating culture).  This is an incredibly exciting year, and the feeling of urgency is unanimous, but it is also the first year that they have been given the tools to work with to start really fostering the professional mission of increasing student achievement.  We have given them research-based curriculums, we have hired excellent teachers and we have continued to challenge phenomenal teachers to be reflective and grow.  All that being said, the work still feels like it is just beginning.  To sum it all up, we expect to see growth on portions of our 2018-19 State Report Card, especially the Performance Index, Progress, Gap Closing and K-3 Literacy.   Our goal for 2019-20 is to go from a D on our Achievement to an A.  I believe in us.
Michael Brandt
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